Behind The Scenes

Heather Evon (Founder/Community Coordinator)

I am a unique individual that has overcome many obstacles in life and will keep striving to make things change. I love to create changes by allowing myself to listen and then give voice to what is a problem. My life outlook comes from Abraham Lincoln “Whatever you are, be a good one.” I am a daughter, mother, wife and a dear friend.

Franco (Editor in Chief)

I was born in rural Tennessee. Very rural. I got my education at Kent State University (B.A., Philosophy), taught Transactional Analysis and gestalt therapies for four and a half years, and then served as Editor for a monthly magazine and a newspaper in Portsmouth, Ohio for a year. The experience I gained there proved crucial in securing a position as Editor at the Criterion, a local newspaper in Arlington, Texas, where I served for eighteen months. I’ve been a carpenter, a roofer, an electronics tech for Royal Electronics — not to be confused with Royal Typewriter Company — and owned and drove a semi hauling furniture for Paul Arpin Van Lines. I’ve held many jobs over the years, but words have always been my forte, and still are in my dotage.